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Web Design Prices

I don't have the overheads of a large, or even medium sized, company so my fees are consequently lower than those you'll find elsewhere.

As each project is tailored to individual needs, I can't quote prices without first discussing your requirements,
- it really depends on how much time it will take me to write your site.

As a general indication, you should get a 5 page site for about 350.

This would include:

Gold Dot   Homepage
Gold Dot   Up to 4 additional pages including a contact page.
Gold Dot   Logo design if required
Gold Dot   Client supplied & stock graphics
Gold Dot   Maximum 3 photographs per page
Gold Dot   Your own domain name - e.g. ""
Gold Dot   New Domain name registration (or transfer of URL if already registered)
Gold Dot   12 months free hosting (£75 per annum in subsequent years)
Gold Dot   Submission to 700 search engines.
Gold Dot   Unlimited email addresses e.g

[Original graphics, animated GIF images, Flash© graphics and sound files can all be incorporated for an extra charge.]

A note of caution : There are companies that may tempt you with ' why pay someone else when you can do it yourself with our easy d-i-y online web-site generator.'

It's true that their initial up-front payment may be a lot less than you would have to pay for a tailor-made site, that's to be expected. But look closer and you'll find the catch, a monthly hosting charge, typically £15 - 20. That's £180 to £250 each and every year.

I charge £75 a year for hosting, with the first year free - and that includes unlimited emails. Which will be cheaper in the long run?

Let's discuss it!

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